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Spencer Cox

"I am proud to support Kate Bradshaw as a member of the Bountiful City Council. She is a public servant who understands the importance of being in the trenches in helping solve problems. She works to build coalitions that serve and better her community. Bountiful would be well served to continue to have her continued representation on the city council."


Utah Representative

Ray Ward

“Kate has a thoughtful collaborative approach. She has been a great addition to the Bountiful City Council.”


Utah Senator

Todd Weiler

“I’ve worked with Kate many times over the years and have always found her to have a thoughtful approach to problem solving”


Davis County Commission Chair

Lorene Kamalu

“I knew Kate before either of us was elected to office. We share common interest in local service, good policy, and citizen engagement. She works hard and loves Bountiful!”

Melanie Ogden_edited.jpg

Bountiful Trails Advisory Committee Member

Melanie Ogden

"Kate has been an engaged proponent of Bountiful City development and recreation, especially trails. Her various work and volunteer roles give her added insight and connection to deciding governing bodies that directly influence BTAC’s ability to expand our trail system. Her communication to residents through her monthly newsletter expresses genuine care and her “put on your work boots” attitude. I support Kate Bradshaw for City Council."


Former Bountiful City Councilman

John Marc Knight

"Kate has made an impact on the City Council. She always asks thoughtful questions about policy and spending decisions before voting. She is responsive to residents with concerns and inquiries. The voters of Bountiful would do well to keep Kate on the Council and serving out city."


Fmr - Davis County Commissioner

Bret Millburn

"Kate is an active and passionate leader in her community and beyond. Her engagement in the issues began many years before being appointed to the City Council. She has the skills and a proven track record in building coalitions to rally around issues important to the people of Bountiful. Kate gets things done!"

Bob Larsen 2.jpg

Bountiful Trails Advisory Committee Chairman

Bob Larsen

"Over the past two years, I have had the opportunity to observe and work very closely with City Council Member Kate Bradshaw. Kate is dedicated and engaged and has been very helpful in the design and build process for the Bountiful City Trails Master Plan. She has taken an active role in finding and assisting the Trails Committee in securing additional fundingfrom the State. Kate listens and advocates for Bountiful City and it’s residents. As the Chair of the Bountiful Trails Committee I fully endorse and support Kate Bradshaw for City Council."


Utah Representative

Melissa Garff Ballard

"Bountiful is lucky to have Kate serving on the City Council. She works hard to serve her community and enhance communicaitons with residents about policy decisions and happenings around town."


Bountiful City Councilmember

Millie Segura Bahr

"If I could use one word to describe Kate Bradshaw it would be, communicator. She is passionate about reaching out to residents and as a result--those in our community have a better understanding of what is happening in Bountiful and why. Kate's approach has been invaluable when discussions such as fiber, taxes, streets or parks have been at the forefront of Council discussions. Kate's commitment to connecting with residents has led to thorough conversations with anyone who takes the time to reach out to her. Moreover, she values the input she receives from residents and often passes these remarks along to her colleagues on the Council. Bountiful is truly better with Kate on the City Council and I look forward to voting for her this November."


Bountiful City Councilman

Richard Higginson

"Kate's unique set of skills and experiences have allowed her to hit the ground running and she never disappoints. Kate is always prepared. She is insightful. She is accessible to residents. Her communication skills are unsurpassed. In my opinion it is vital that we keep Kate on the council.”


Mayor of Bountiful

Kendalyn Harris

"Kate works. Our city has benefited from the time and passion she gives to Bountiful. When she takes on an issue she does what is needed to understand what is going on, takes the time to determine what is the best way forward, and then works hard to advance a solution . I can count on her to hear all sides on a topic and do the homework necessary to make sure she is making the best decision for our community and then effectively communicate that back to residents."

Tami Tran.jpeg

Mayor of Kaysville

Tami Tran

"As a Davis County resident and the Mayor in Kaysville Utah. Local Leadership matters which is why I’m endorsing Kate Bradshaw for re-election to the bountiful city council. Kate is an exceptional leader. She has the skills and knowledge to develop effective solutions that work for everyone, and she has a deep understanding of the issues facing our communities.


I serve with Kate on-the Board of Directors for Lakeview Hospital and the Utah League of Cities & Towns. Kate understands the State Legislative process and the potential impact bills could have on our communities. I trust Kate’s research and understanding of legislation and policy. She is a strong advocate for transparency and accountability in government, and she is committed to ensuring that all residents have a voice in the decisions that affect their lives.


Kate is a respected and valued leader who brings people together to achieve common goals.


I encourage you to re-elect Kate Bradshaw to Bountiful’s City Council. Her leadership benefits everyone in Davis County."



Jimmy & Lindsey Wing

“Kate is the kind of neighbor everyone needs! The house on Halloween with the ‘big treats,’ loves everyone’s pets and kids, helps keep us all savvy on the latest ‘need to knows’ for the city and neighborhood!”

Endorsement List

Governor Spencer Cox

Mayor Kendalyn Harris

Council Member Jesse Bell

Council Member Millie Segura Bahr

Council Member Richard Higginson

Council Member Cecilee Price-Huish

Senator Todd Weiler

Rep. Ray Ward & Beverly Ward

Rep. Melissa Garff Ballard

Davis County Commissioner Lorene Kamalu

Kaysville Mayor Tami Tran

Former Bountiful Mayor John Cushing

Former City Council Member John Marc Knight & Denise Knight

Bob Larsen, Bountiful Trails Advisory Committee Chairman

Melanie Ogden, Bountiful Trails Advisory Committee Member

Former Davis County Commissioner Bret Milburn

Michael O'Connor

Ike & Maggie Bradshaw

Scott & Marie Bradshaw

David Irvine

Kenny Knighton

Tom Hardy, Former Bountiful City Manager

Jimmy & Lindsay Wing

David & Elayne Harmer

Bryan & Jill Potts

Barrie Giles

Mary Louise "Lou" Bean

Linda & Richard Davis

Marilyn Oberg

John & Andrea Groen

Barry & Lucie Gibbons

Jim & Rene Kidd

Pete Shay

Dave Shreve

Chris Bertin

Val & Emilee Oveson

David Williams

Bob & Darena Bell

Greg Lindley

Randy & Susan Ricks

Winona Moss

Dillon & Kathleen George

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