“Kate has a thoughtful collaborative approach. She has been a great addition to the Bountiful City Council.”

Utah Representative

Ray Ward


“I’ve worked with Kate many times over the years and have always found her to have a thoughtful approach to problem solving”

Utah Senator

Todd Weiler


“I have known Kate for several years as we shared common interest in local service and good policy she listens, cares and works hard.”

Davis County Commissioner

Lorene Kamalu


“In Kate’s short time on the City Council, she has made an impact. She always asks thoughtful questions about policy and spending decisions before voting. She is responsive to residents with concerns and inquiries. The voters of Bountiful would do well to keep Kate on the Council and serving our city.”

Bountiful City Councilman

John Marc Knight


“Kate is passionate in her participation in her community and beyond. It started many years before being appointed to the City Council. She is an excellent communicator and uses that skill to help build coalitions to really around the issues that are important to the people of Bountiful. Kate gets things done!"

Fmr - Davis County Commissioner

Bret Millburn


"Around the State Capitol, and as Co-chair of the Utah Business Coalition, Kate is known for bringing people together in a collaborative way that leads to good policy solutions. This is a skill set she brings to the Bountiful City Council.”


Gary Herbert


“Bountiful is lucky to have Kate serving on the City Council.  She works hard to serve her community and enhance communications with residents about policy decisions and happenings around town.”

Utah Representative

Melissa Garff Ballard


“After the recent departure of Beth Holbrook from the City Council, we received applications from 40 residents to serve the remainder of her term. Among that group of highly qualified and very accomplished applicants, Kate Bradshaw quickly became the obvious choice for me. Her unique set of skills and experiences have allowed her to hit the ground running and she never disappoints. Kate is always prepared. She is insightful. She is accessible to residents. Her communication skills are unsurpassed. In my opinion it is vital that we keep Kate on the council.”

Bountiful City Councilman

Richard Higginson


“Kate's involvement in the legislative process has been a blessing to Bountiful city. She is willing to use her influence and time to help with many bills that affect cities. I appreciate her effective efforts and her dedication to Bountiful.

Bountiful City Councilwoman

Kendalyn Harris

“Kate is the kind of neighbor everyone needs! The house on Halloween with the ‘big treats,’ loves everyone’s pets and kids, helps keep us all savvy on the latest ‘need to knows’ for the city and neighborhood!”


Jimmy & Lindsey Wing

“I have known Kate for many years. She has always been someone that brought people together to work on common goals as a team."

Utah State Board of Education

Laura Collier Belnap


Endorsement List

Rep. Melissa Garff Ballard

Mary “Lou” Bean

Laura Collier Belnap

Chris Bertin

Dan & Holly Bradshaw

Ike & Maggie Bradshaw

Allie Cordon

Former-Bountiful Mayor John Cushing

Dillon & Kathleen George

Barry & Lucie Gibbons

John & Andrea Groen

Bob & Debbie Jones

Councilwoman Kendalyn Harris

Councilman Richard Higginson

David Irvine

Mark & Rhonda Jensen

Kevin & Christine Jorgensen

Davis County Commissioner Lorene Kamalu

Jim & Renee Kidd

Councilman John Marc & Denise Knight

Former-Davis County Commissioner Bret Millburn

Michael O’Connor

Val & Emilee Oveson

Marianne Johns

Chris & Sara Johnson

Pete Shay

Dave Shreve

Craig & Tami Smith

Jan Talbot

Rep. Ray Ward

Sen. Todd Weiler

Jimmy & Lindsey Wing

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